Rude people. Won’t be back in.
It’s refreshing to have a physical therapist that spends the entire session focused on you. From the evaluation to all the treatments, Lee provides all of your care. He does not pass you off to lesser qualified personnel. Having a therapist actually providing the therapy means he can immediately adjust your therapy as you progress.
Lee Easley, DPT, is a knowledgeable and caring physical therapist who successfully treated my chronically sprained ankle. Lee provides care to one patient at a time, which differs from many physical therapy offices which schedule multiple patients for the same time slot. This one-on-one time means he can focus his full attention entirely on your assessment and treatment. His plan for my care was constructed thoughtfully, implemented compassionately, and evaluated consistently at each therapy session. His good rapport with patients and his professionalism mixed with his authentic and upbeat personality made therapy sessions for me, as well as his other patients, not just bearable but something to look forward to. Easley used evidence-based treatment modalities, manual therapy, and specifically designed exercises that not only healed my ankle but resulted in my ankle becoming more stable than it was before my injury. I am pain-free and back to dancing in Zumba class. I highly recommend Lee Easley, DPT, for your physical therapy needs and treatments. He knows what he's doing and he does it well.
Dr. Easley is wonderful! A great guy and a very patient forward doctor!
A man who knows what he's talking about! Within the first 2 weeks of visiting dr. Lee Easley I have gone from not being able to raise my arm overhead (without pain) to being able to make 180 degree straight line with my arm and torso. A great man with great knowledge, he will give you the tools to heal.
Lee is very attentive to his patients. He takes the time to work one on one with the patient. He has been working with our son for 3 weeks and has brought him along way!! Thank you Lee, we appreciate everything you do...your haircut and all!
It’s nice to have a Physical Therapist who can accomplish a speedy recovery from an injury. My son had a shoulder injury from baseball that usually causes a full season loss. Lee was able to get him back on the field in about 3 weeks! Thanks for the incredible results!
This clinic is warm and inviting! Dr. Easley laid out a clear plan for recovery and discussed all the treatment options with me. I would definitely recommend these guys!